For most publishers, a calendar of events can be a core reader service that builds a permanent bond with an activity hungry audience.

Metro Publisher's events system is packed with features designed to make your events a major source of inbound traffic and reader engagement.


What's Included?

To start, our events system includes an unlimited amount of events and events calendars. Use custom tags and categries to create calendars around specific event types. 


Event Calendars

Event calendars (what we call event search pages) include several features to maximize utility and SEO:

  1. Keyword Search –  Users can use keywords to find events. 
  2. Search Filters – Filter search by category and tags.
  3. Maps – Allows your users to switch to map based search.
  4. Sponsored Listings – Configurable options to display sponsored events. This feature requires Metro Publisher's Directory Add-on.
  5. Event Information – Displays essential event info and links to buy tickets.
  6. Interactive Calendar – Users can browse and filter upcoming events by date. Additionally, they can save calendars via ICS or RSS.
  7. Search Engine Optimized – With the implementation of industry standard formats like Microdata, we ensure that your directory remains at the forefront of changes in SEO.

Input, Import, Export or Re-use

To build your events calendars, Metro Publisher offers several options from manual input to automated subscriptions.


Enter Events Yourself

Staff can quickly (and less repetitively) enter events manually because Metro Publisher’s event system lives and breathes the iCalendar standard. iCalendar supports advanced rules for all kinds of recurring event scenarios, such as events that happen weekly, monthly, or even on an irregular basis.

Let Your Users Enter Events

Enjoy the benefits of direct input from your readers without losing any control over your content. Users can easily contribute events via a public event submit form. Yet, you maintain control via settings for moderating these event submissions.

While both of these tools are great, they still involve a manual process to input or approve events. What about events from trusted venues such as a museums or night clubs? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could import or subscribe to event calendars and have events show up automatically?


Import or Subscribe to Events

With Metro Publisher, it is possible to pull-in events automatically from any iCalendar compliant calendar which includes thousands of Google calendars maintained by organizations and venues world-wide.

It gets even better.

You can define the behaviors of these event imports/subscriptions, such as mapping feeds to a location on a map or deciding in advance whether events from a specific organization are trusted or need to be reviewed. 

All you have to do is set up a feed once and – until you decide to cancel it — watch the events flow.


Export and Re-use Your Events

As a further bonus, the event system also may integrate into your print workflow. Metro Publisher provides a powerful tool to export your events in various formats including XML for Adobe Indesign.

For advanced users Metro Publisher now also provides an advanced Application Programming Interface (API) which can be used by software developers to build completely new products or mobile apps around your event data.

If a great events calendar is important to you, you won’t find an events system more feature rich and powerful than what is included in every version of Metro Publisher.

What is iCalendar?

iCalendar is a computer file format which allows Internet users to share calendars and events. iCalendar is used and supported by a large number of products, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), Yahoo! Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.

  1. List of applications with iCalendar Support


Additional Features

Combine Metro Publisher's event system with these additional features to improve your game even further – promote events in a more targeted way throughout your website and highlight advertiser events.

Special Styling for Sponsored Events

For clients using Metro Publisher's Directory Add-on, sponsored events can be easily inserted into landing pages and other key areas throughout your website. With a highlighted appearance, sponsored events provide publishers yet another tool for promoting advertisers. 

  • Use tags to designate sponsored content. 
  • Special styling anywhere that sponsored events appear.
  • Pro users can customize the look, feel, and behavior. 


Custom Layouts

Create Custom Landing Pages

With our drag and drop page builder, your team can create customized landing pages. These are ideal for promoting events in a more targeted way. There is no limit to the number or style of landing pages you can create. Create custom landing pages to promote festivals, advertiser events, and more..


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s not forget SEO — Metro Publisher ensures the search optimization of your event calendars remains at the cutting edge.

To keep your site on top of your competitors, our team continuously tracks changes and requirements in SEO, constantly refining, optimizing and automatically delivering improvements to all of our clients with every new release of Metro Publisher.


Take a look at our videos to learn more about how you can use Metro Publisher's events to maximise reader engagement with your site.

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